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Bahreenah Fogerty

Herd IDDNFF094
SireBurando Rambler B036 (P)
DamBahreenah Gundybri A075 (P)
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Fogerty comes from one of the top cow lines and has a carcase that exhibits the attributes to perpetuate.  He is breeding consistantly exceptional carcase calves with progeny also excelling in the show ring.  His first son to be shown under 18 months at Ekka in 2014 was second and another in 2016 won the under 18 month class.

Bahreenah Gobel

Herd IDDNFG002
SireBurando Rambler B036 (P)
DamBahreenah Cheralye A038 (P)
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Gobel exhibits great carcase attributes and has been used in the breeding program.  Semen has now been collected so with exciting calves on the ground and a 3/4 brother also retained he has been sold.

Ravensdale Superstar

Herd IDRHXF117
SireAllendale Superstar B26 (AI) (ET) (P)
DamEbbx T1 Diana D19 (P)
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Superstar has produced the carcases in his progeny that I was seeking, making a wonderful contribution to the breeding program and already delivered some show champions.  Can't wait to see his first heifers calve down. 

Tycolah Jester

SireSeagrove Dynamo (P)
DamTycolah Countess C120 (P)
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Jester, from a top milking female, has really clicked in the breeding program with his progeny exhibiting great carcase attributes.

Talbalba Abercorn

Herd IDR5XG206
SireWirruna Abercorn (AI) (P)
DamBundarra Minerva W109 (H)
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Abercorn was purchased as a heifer bull and first calves on the ground are exciting, displaying the carcase attributes this pedigree should deliver.

Heatherdale Torque

SireHeatherdale Anchor Z53 (AI) (P)
DamHeatherdale Lydia Y83 (P)
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Torque females have become a real strength in the breeding program with lovely udders and teats.  They seem to blend well to any sire bred with.

Burando Rambler B036

Herd IDRGFB036
SireRilo Park King Air ET (P)
DamBurando U76 Fancy 35 (P)
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Rambler was selected for his width and correctness to be used over heifers.  He has not disappointed.  His progeny have good skin and hair and his daughters are great milkers.  He is a real carcase sire with sons selling annually at Glen Innes.

Bahreenah Elson

Herd IDDNFE041
SireAntara Duke Y71 (P)
DamBahreenah Cherish Y44 (P)
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A real carcase sire, typical of the Duke progeny from a lovely soft dam.  Elson has left some lovely females.

Pine Hill Edward

Herd IDWKHE539
SireSouth Bukalong Shannon 40 (P)
DamPine Hill Emma C595 (AI) (P)
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Edward was purchased as a calf at side from the Pine Hills dispersal and was used as a heifer bull.  His first progeny sold at Glen Innes in 2014.

Antara Duke

Herd IDGTA Y71
SireAdios Sierra S124
DamHeatherdale Lydia U188 (P)
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Duke was purchased from Dubbo in 2005 and has left us with a line of correct, thick carcase females.  He has blended into the program well with sons selling to studs including Calypso to Weetalabah from Glen Innes in 2009 where he has produced some outstanding bulls.  His daughters have clicked well Torque and Jester.

Bahreenah Albert

Herd IDDNFA045
SireLeaford Xpression (S) AB X79
DamBahreenah Boondon W44 T (P)
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Albert, out of a great cow line, was initially used over the Spy heifers and stayed in the breeding program as he was earning his stripes, eventually selling to a long standing client.  His  daughters have become a real surprise package producing great carcases and even show progeny.

Bahreenah Adonis

Herd IDDNFA004
SireKarina Spy 44 (P) GPKX43
DamBahreenah Bega X8 (P)
LinkPedigree & EBVs

Adonis, out of a great old cow, was initially joined to the Xpression heifers and became a fixture in the breeding program moving to the commercial herd when he could no longer be used in the stud program.  His daughters are great milkers and his calves exhibit the thickness of a great carcase.

Leaford Xpression

Herd IDAB X79
SireSpringfield Flashback (P) HCBQ5
DamLeaford Carol R42 (P)
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Xpression was shared with Leaford and was selected for his thickness and capacity.  He has produced an outstanding line of big roomy matrons that milk well.

Princess Park Maccona

Herd IDNPJR109
SireBronwyn T205-Moccona K40 ET(P)
DamBRT 80U Amy K6 ET (P)
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Maccona joined the sire battery as an older bull, and while he only gave us a season his daughters have lived up to expectations, and produce good thick soft calves.

Karina Spy 44

SireKoanui Spy T15
DamKarina Irish Maid T24 (P)
LinkPedigree & EBVs

Spy was purchased from Sydney to use over heifers.  His daughters are soft milky females.

Bahreenah Ukraine

SireTycolah Unforgiven
DamBahreenah N37
LinkPedigree & EBVs

Ukraine grew into a big long bull and was used over heifers to produce real carcases.

Wiranya Caribou

SireWiranya Tabour 319454
DamWiranya Rhoda N133 478566
LinkPedigree & EBVs

"Bou" left a great line of structurally sound, milky females that have produced well in our program.

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