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Bahreenah is a beef producer seeking to create seed stock that will deliver a consistant high end product to the market place in a timely, sustainable manner.  To this end, more than 200 recorded females run on predominantely native New England grasses and are scrutinised for optimum production traits with paramount emphasis on temprement, structure and milking ability.  With a strong belief sound structure provides the framework to hang a good carcase the cow herd has endured an extremly tough scrutinising process to perform in recent years with emphasis on 'do ability'.  To obtain this there is a spring and autumn calving for 6 to 8 weeks.  The economic market place doesn't allow for special treatment so all females are expected to perform to the same high standards and when seasons allow, the steer portion is grown on to MSA slaughter to provide valuable feed conversion and carcase data which helps fine tune the types of bulls that are marketed.

With a lifetime of of herd data to draw from, Bahreenah aims to produce sound, predictable bulls that will deliver on their breeding objectives.  Sale bulls are all independently assesed by a veterinarian for structural and breeding soundness and the whole herd has been tested for Pestivirus with an annual vacination program now in place.